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A Message from Kiyokazu Ota, Consul General of Japan in Seattle, Regarding the 2011 Tohoku district - off the Pacific Ocean Earthquake


 There has been widespread damage and casualties reported caused by the large scale earthquake (Magnitude 8.8), which hit Tohoku and surrounding area of Japan. We wish to convey our sincere sympathy to those who have suffered from this tragedy.

  The Japanese government has just set up an emergency headquarters for response to disaster, headed by Prime Minster Kan, to save people's lives, collect information, secure the safety of the residents, as well as try to minimize further damage from this disaster.

 Today, PM Kan spoke with President Obama, who expressed his sympathy for those affected and offered assistance and support from the USA. The President also expressed his wish to have people in charge on both sides to share information and work closely together, and stated his willingness not to spare any support from the US Government. In response to this, PM Kan said, “I wish to express my appreciation for your immediate, consolatory phone call. I am grateful to have already received an offer of assistance from the US at the earliest timing possible time, which extended to include the US military stationed in Japan.” It is extremely important for us to receive cooperation and support from our ally, the US. It is also crucial and essential that Japan continues to work closely with the US in the days ahead to confront the challenges that arise from this tragedy.

  Currently in Japan, phone communication is sporadic and I am sure that there are many people, who are concerned about whereabouts of their acquaintances, friends and family members, who are currently living in Japan. We encourage those who wish to find out more information, to first visit our Website (for Japanese:www.seattle.us.emb-japan.go.jp), as we would like to collect as well as provide as much information as possible.

  Please check our website frequently for updates, as we will try our best to provide as much information related to this disaster as possible.

March 11, 2011
Kiyokazu Ota
Consul General of Japan in Seattle