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Experience Japan

Useful Links to Other Overseas Programs

The Japan Foundation
Link to www.jpf.go.jp. This non-profit organization offers support for students as well as scholarships to study in Japan.

Study in Japan-Comprehensive Guide
Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan
Topics covered on the website:

Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program
Fully funded three-week study tour to Japan for American primary and secondary teachers. FMF Teacher Program offers one spring and two fall cycles. Each cycle accommodates up to 200 participants.

Japan Student Services Organization (JASSO)
Non-profit organization offering provision of information and consultation on study in Japan, promotion of short-term student exchanges, follow-up services for former international students in Japan, and assistance in other international educational exchanges, including privately-financed or short term scholarships and supports for students who wish to study in Japan. This comprehensive and extremely useful site is linked to a wide variety of services offered throughout Japan in the field of education.