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Services offered by the Center

Services offered through our Culture and Information Center (Note: certain rules apply to all services):

The Culture and Information Center provides and distributes information about Japan.
We have a reference library where visitors can enjoy browsing our selection of books, listen to CDs, and borrow video tapes & DVDs related to Japan.

Publications:  We offer various services to deepen understanding about Japan and its culture.  We have a reference library of both Japanese & English books, which is open to visitors to our office during regular hours.  Our collection includes books on: Japan; Japanese history & culture; modern works of fiction both about Japan or by contemporary Japanese authors, which have been translated into English; as well as newspapers such as Nihon Keizai Shinbun, Asahi Shinbun & The Japan Times. 

We also have a selection of complementary pamphlets, periodicals, maps and posters for our visitors to take home. (For more information)

A/V Resources: Visitors are welcome to view our informational videos and DVDs. Also, we have CDs that include both popular as well as traditional Japanese music that can be listened to during a vist to the Culture and Information Center lounge.

We also have a limited but interesting collection of DVDs & videos available for loan. Please see the list below for more information on available titles. 

Loan of cultural items such as happi coats, traditional toys, display items, etc.;

Happi, coats, traditional crafts, photo panels, Kamishibai (story-boards featuring traditional Japanese stories), happi coats, Hina doll sets, are available for loan to schools and organizations, at the discretion of our office.  

Information related to education, scholarship & study opportunities in Japan, exchange programs such as the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program, etc.;

Educational & Cultural Programs:  
In order to provide support for Japan study programs and Japanese language education, we distribute various educational materials such as Japan-related posters, pamphlets, and printed materials upon request (subject to availability).  These materials are for use in Japanese language class rooms and by the educators who teach about Japan in this region.

We also dispatch speakers to schools and other educational venues from our office, as well as welcome visits by Japanese language/social studies classes to our office to learn more about the Consulate-General of Japan and about Japanese culture. (For more information)
  (Please also visit the following link to the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington, which operates an educational program aimed towards elementary as well as high school classes, called: “Japan In the Schools”.

Our office also recruits and screens potential applicants who wish to either study or work in Japan through exchange programs offered by the Japanese Government.  For more information on studying in Japan, please visit: “Study in Japan Comprehensive Guide” or Japanese Government Scholarships. 

For those interested in working in Japan for a year, please visit: Japan Exchange and Teaching (JET) Program.

Editing and publication of the E-magazine, “Japan Now”

We publish an English language e-magazine called, “Japan Now!,” roughly once or twice every month.  Please register your e-mail address to receive this publication if you are interested in receiving updates on Japan, Japanese culture, events and programs organized or supported by our office.

View "Japan Now" and register here