Public Awareness Award Ceremony

At the WAFLT (Washington Association for Language Teaching) Fall Conference 2017 held in Pasco from Thursday, October 12, through Sunday the 14th, the Association recognized the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle with the Public Awareness Award for its contributions in garnering publicity and creating public awareness for the study of foreign languages.

At the award ceremony held on 13th, Mr. Kurt Thompson, President of WAFLT, expressed his appreciation for the Consulate’s significant contributions and called for its continuous support for the study of foreign language in Washington State. Consul General Yamada conveyed his gratitude to the audience and language teachers for their great contributions in promoting foreign language learning.

The ceremony also gave occasion for Japanese teachers to exchange opinions with Consul General Yamada about the future of Japanese teaching/learning in Washington State.

We will continue to support Japanese language education, stressing the significance of learning Japanese in Washington, a state that maintains strong connections with Japan.