JET Program Welcome Back Reception

On February 16, the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle organized a welcome reception to JET Program returnees at the Consul General official residence.

At the reception, JET Program recent returnees, members of Pacific Northwest JET Program Alumni Association (PNWJETAA), local Japanese-American community groups, prefectural associations (kenjin-kai), sister city organizations, educational institutions and many others attended. They celebrated the safe return and future endeavors of the JET Program returnees.

At the beginning of the reception, Consul General Yamada presented a speech where he expressed his hopes that the JET Program returnees will be able to continue good relations with Japan through the spread of information about Japanese culture and related activities with the local community.

Afterwards, each of the 8 JET Program returnees spoke of their activities in Japan as well as their current and future plans in their careers. Pacific Northwest JET Alumni Association (PNWJETAA) President Adam Ledyard presented a greeting and spoke about PNWJETAA’s activities.

Lastly, former Washington State Senator Karen Fraser thanked the Japanese government for its efforts in operating the JET Program and expressed a hope for the returnees to act as a bridge between Japan and the United States.