The Japanese Agricultural Training Program (JATP)

On October 6, the Japan Agricultural Exchange Council (JAEC) and the Consulate General of Japan co-hosted the Japanese Agricultural Training Program (JATP) graduation ceremony at the Consul General’s official residence.

In his opening remarks, Consul General Omura expressed his appreciation for those involved in program and encouraged the trainee graduates. Anna Franz, vice chair of the Big Bend Community College (BBCC) Board of Trustees, LeAnne Parton, executive director of the BBCC Foundation, Sandy Cheek, JATP Director, BBCC Foundation, and Takashi Yoshikawa, JAEC U.S. branch director all gave greetings, speaking of the importance of the program and their memories with and hopes for the trainees. It was also mentioned that JATP’s 50th anniversary celebration was held this year in July.


Remarks by Consul General Omura

Remarks by Anna Franz, vice chair of BBCC Board of Trustees


    Following the speakers, training-completion certificates were awarded to each of the 38 graduating trainees, and trainee representative Yu Kusayanagi delivered remarks on behalf of the group, sharing his hopes for the future. Expressing gratitude that everyone was able to safely complete their program, he spoke of how he anticipates that graduates will be able to use their experiences in the U.S. to be successful in their respective fields when they return back to Japan.


Presentation of Graduation Certificates              

Greeting by Yu Kusayanagi

    Utilizing the knowledge and experiences gained during their training in the U.S., we expect the graduates to contribute to the development of Japanese agriculture for many years to come.