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Japanese Calendar
The Japanese calendar is based on the Emperor. The period an Emperor rules is an era 時代. In other words, the era name will change only in case of a succession to the Imperial throne. The chart shows the years from 1900-2023, spanning 4 eras.


Study in Japan
  Topics covered on the website:
  •   Study in Japan Guide
  •   The Japanese Government Scholarship Programs-private scholarships for studying in Japan
  •   Information on Japanese universities, colleges, vocational schools, and Japanese language schools
  •   Visa information
  •   Guide for finding housing and part-time jobs while studying in Japan
  •   Information on job hunting in Japan
  •   Alumni organizations and activities for those who have studied in Japan

The Japan Foundation
The Japan Foundation Japanese-Language Institute, Urawa, was established as an affiliated organization of the Japan Foundation in 1989. This non-profit organization offers various resources and programs promoting understanding between Japan and other countries.The various programs are run under the three purposes of: human resources developing; developing and producing teaching resources, and providing information.
Japan Fulbright Memorial Fund Teacher Program

JET Alumni Association International
Video Content for Children from a Foreign Country Living in Japan