Culture and Information Services


The Culture & Information section offers various services to promote Japanese culture to the public.

We provide a wide variety of Japanese publications for visitors to browse, including newspapers, books, and other media.

Nominal Support

The Consulate permits the use of its name and etc. on leaflets, posters, websites, etc. only after approval of nominal support has been granted. Prior to approval, any use of the Consulate name or logo is forbidden.

Please file the application no later than one-and-a-half months prior to the date on which you wish to 
begin using nominal support. This includes the actual starting date on which you will initiate public relations activities with regard to the project, including all formats (electronic and hardcopy) and platforms (websites, newsletters, printed leaflets, etc.). Last-minute applications or applications lacking sufficient documentation may not be accepted.

For details and required documents, please click here.


Culture and Information

The Culture and Information section provides and distributes information about Japan

We offer various services to deepen understanding of Japan and Japanese culture. We have a selection of complementary pamphlets, periodicals, and maps for our visitors to take home.

Loan of cultural items such as happi, Yukata, traditional toys, etc.

Cultural Items: Happi, Yukata, traditional toys, etc. are available for loan to schools and organizations, at the discretion of our office.
Please send the form to, and allow one week to process your order. Please send the form to

Information related to education, scholarship, and study opportunities in Japan, exchange programs such as the Japan Exchange & Teaching (JET) Program, etc.

Educational and Cultural Programs
In order to provide support for Japan study programs and Japanese language education, we distribute various educational materials, such as Japan-related posters, pamphlets, and printed materials, upon request and subject to availability. These materials are for use in Japanese language classrooms and by educators in this region who teach about Japan.
On occasion, we also dispatch speakers to schools and other educational venues from our office, as well as welcome visits by Japanese language/social studies classes to our office to learn more about the Consulate-General of Japan and Japanese culture. (Click here for more information) Subject to staff availability.
Japan-America Society of the State of Washington
Please also visit the following link to the Japan-America Society of the State of Washington, which operates an educational program aimed at both elementary and high school classes: “Japan In the Schools”.
Japanese Government Programs
Additionally, the Consulate recruits and screens potential applicants who wish to either study or work in Japan through exchange programs offered by the Japanese Government. 

Publication of the E-magazine “Japan Now”

“Japan Now”: We publish an English language e-magazine, “Japan Now.” Please follow the link below to subscribe if you are interested in updates on Japan, Japanese culture, and events and programs organized or supported by our office.

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