Cultural items available for free loan

Please note all items must be picked up and returned in person - we cannot deliver items by mail.

A few of the items available for loan include:
  • Kendama, Daruma Otoshi, and other assorted toys
  • Fake food
  • Calligraphy sets
  • New Year’s Decorations
  • Shogi and Go Sets
  • Happi (various colors and sizes)
  • Men’s, Women’s and Children’s Yukata Sets (various colors and sizes)
  • And more...
Many of these items are in limited supply and in high demand, especially happi and yukata. We will try our best to accommodate requests, but this may not always be possible so reserve early.

We also offer informational videos called "Japan Video Topics" for loan that cover topics such as culture, sports, tech and economics.
The items are only to be used to promote better understanding of Japanese culture and not for commercial purposes. The Consulate reserves the right to refuse to loan these items for purposes deemed inappropriate.

Those who are interested should download and fill out an application form and send it to