Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle Nominal Support Application Guidelines


Any organization, entity, etc. planning a project and seeking the nominal support from the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle (hereafter the Consulate) should read the following and file an application by mail with the required documents, as described below. Please note that the final decision of granting or not granting nominal support is at the sole discretion of the Consulate.

Since December 2020, 2. (1) Application and Agreement of Compliance to the Consulate-General of Japan for Nominal Support and 4. (1) Prescribed Project Report no longer require an official seal (the organization's logo) or the representative's signature.

1.Period for Acceptance of Applications

Please file the application no later than one-and-a-half months prior to the date on which you wish to begin using nominal support. This includes the actual starting date on which you will initiate public relations activities with regard to the project, including all formats (electronic and hardcopy) and platforms (websites, newsletters, printed leaflets, etc.). Last-minute applications or applications lacking sufficient documentation may not be accepted.
The Consulate permits the use of its name and etc. on leaflets, posters, websites, etc. only after approval of nominal support has been granted. Prior to approval, any use of the Consulate name or logo is forbidden.

2.Required Documents

Applicants for nominal support should prepare all five of the documents listed below. Applicants must use Documents (1) to (3) as provided and maintain the original format as prescribed for submission to the Consulate. 
Please note that additional documents may be required and requested for submission, if deemed necessary by the Consulate.

(1)Application and Agreement of Compliance to the Consulate-General of Japan for Nominal Support (MS Word)
  1. Fill in all items.
  2. After reviewing and only if you comply with all of the terms presented in Section 4 “Matters to be observed,” proceed in completing the application form.
  3. The name of the “representative” is the head of the organization hosting the project (or applying organization), not the person responsible for the project, unless they are the same person.
  4. Regarding Section 3 “Nominal support, etc. sought," be specific if any text will be incorporated or if you only wish to use the Consulate’s name, e.g., “With Nominal Support from Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle.”

(2)Outline of the Project (MS Word)
  • Fill in all required items.
  • Regarding "8. Date from which you wish to use nominal support," in the attached form, enter the date on which you wish to begin using nominal support (including the date on which you will initiate public relations activities with regard to the project on your website, etc. or by printing leaflets, etc.). General statements, e.g., "from the date on which nominal support is granted," will not be accepted.
  • "Previous nominal support number," in "10. Nominal support application history regarding this project," in the attached form, is stated in the Consulate-issued notice to grant nominal support above the date of the granting of nominal support.

(3)Income and Expenditure Budget for the Project (MS Excel)
  • Submit this document in MS Excel format. Refer to the example if you are unsure how to prepare this form.
  • If the project is sponsored by multiple entities, enter their names and provide a breakdown of the sponsorship by entity in this form or on a separate sheet.

(4)Documents Outlining the Project
Note:  At least one of the following is required. (See examples below.)
  • Project proposal, list of work to be presented (in the case of an exhibition, etc.).
  • Details of the work (in the case of a film or theatrical play, etc.).
  • Programs, application guidelines (in the case of an exhibition of work by the general public or a contest).
  • In the case of a project in which food will be provided, a document showing that proper public health measures have been put in place, and in the case of a sports-related project, a document showing that proper accident prevention, medical and compensation measures (such as insurance) have been put in place.

(5)Documents Outlining the Organization Hosting the Project and the Applying Organization, etc.
Note:  Submit all of the following documents. (*See exception below.)
  1.  List of board members.
  2. Articles of incorporation or other documents equivalent thereto (constitution, articles of association, act of endowment, etc.)
  3. History, business performance, activity details, etc. of the organization.
  4. When the organization hosting the project and the applying organization are different, a document showing their relationship (written contract, etc.)
*The documents listed in (ii) and (iii) above may be omitted, if either of the following conditions apply.
(a) Any project for which the Consulate granted nominal support within the last two years, provided, however, that where any changes in the details of the project have occurred since the previous application, the relevant documents listed above still need to be submitted.
(b) The applicant is a government office, diplomatic corps in Japan, consular office, international organization, local government, or is an incorporated administrative agency under the jurisdiction of the Minsitry of Foreign Affairs.
Note: The list of board members (i) may also be omitted by organizations listed in (b) above.

3.Cases in which Nominal Support Will Not be Granted

  • A project is deemed offensive to public order or public morality.
  • A project is for profit-making purposes or a project not pursued in the public interest.
  • A project is carried out by a political or religious organization or any equivalent organization.
  • A project is deemed highly political or religious.
  • A project that may promote the interests of a specific organization, etc.
  • A project is to be hosted by an organization of dubious competence in project management.
  • A project that is not expected to facilitate the promotion of Japan or a foreign country or to promote international friendship or contribute to Japan's diplomacy.
  • An application filed by a hosting organization or applying organization is found to have failed to observe matters to which the hosting organization or applying organization has agreed to comply to the conditions outlined by the Consulate during the previous five years. (See item 4. “Matters to be observed” of the Application to the Consulate for Nominal Support and Agreement of Compliance.)
  • An application is filed by an organization or for a project, for which illegal use of nominal support or a false application has been found within the last five years.
  • Any other project found to be diplomatically inappropriate.

​4.Report on the Completion of the Project

Attach the following documents and submit a report within three months after the expiration of the project period. If a project report is not submitted, any future nominal support requests may not be accepted. Use the given format for (1) and (2) below.
* When it is impossible to submit a final project report within three months due to the nature of the relevant project, etc., an interim report must be submitted explaining the reason for the delay in the final project report and when you expect to submit the final report. Submitting a final project report is an absolute requirement. Failure to submit this document will result in disqualification to request nominal support in the future.
(1) Prescribed project report (MS Word).
(2) Statement of accounts for the project (MS Excel).
(3) Documents, etc. showing how the project was carried out.
(4) Leaflets, posters, etc. generated using the nominal support of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle. (If you used nominal support for your website, etc., submit printed copies of the relevant webpages.)

​5.Addresses for Filing Applications and Inquiries

Filing Applications
  1. If your project is conducted in the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, which includes the states of Washington and Montana, as well as the area of northern Idaho, submit your application to the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle.
  2. If you know the relevant section head pertaining to your project at the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, as in the case of a continuing project, you may submit the required documents directly to the relevant person. For projects for which an application is being filed for the first time or where you do not know the relevant section at the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle, please send the documents to the following address or via email.

Address for filing applications
Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle
ATTN: Nominal Support Unit
701 Pike Street, Suite #1000
Seattle, WA 98101

【Email Address for filing applications】

Contact for inquiries
Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle
Nominal Support Unit
TEL: (206) 682-9107 Ext. 135
Hours: 9:00-11:30 AM,1:00-4:30 PM
※ We do not accept inquiries regarding applications to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Japan) or other Consulate/Consular offices. Please refer to (2) or (3) below.
(2) If your project is conducted outside the Consulate’s jurisdictional area, please submit your application to the Embassy located in Washington, DC or to the appropriate Consulate/Consular office  where your project will be conducted. Note that you are generally not permitted to file simultaneous applications with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Japan) and a diplomatic mission abroad or with multiple diplomatic missions abroad for a single project.
(3) If your project is conducted in Japan, please submit your application to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (in Japan). For more information, please see The Ministry of Foreign Affairs website (