Japan-Washington Relations (As of September 2020)


Sister Cities

The relationship between Japan and Washington State is very close, not only at the level of trade relationships, but also at the interpersonal level. There are currently 39 sister relationships (including 35 sister-city, three sister city-county and one sister state pairings) between Japan and Washington state, providing opportunities for exchanges and understanding between the people of both places. The sister state relationship between Washington State and Hyogo Prefecture was established in 1963. 

Montana has one sister-state relationship with Kumamoto Prefecture and one sister-city relationship.

To learn about Sister cities with Japan, please visit CLAIR Sister cities page


Map of Japan with the Washington, Montana, and Northern Idaho sister cities. Numbers correspond to list below.

Washington State

Map # State - U.S. Prefecture - Japan Signing Date
W Washington Hyogo 1963 - October

Noted: Sister Relationships are listed in order of their original signing dates.
            (town name) designates the names of original signing partners, as some names have changed.
Map # City - U.S.*
*unless otherwise noted
City* - Japan
*unless otherwise noted
Prefecture Signing Date
W1 Seattle Kobe Hyogo 1957 - October
W2 Bellingham Tateyama Chiba 1958 - July
W3 Tacoma Kitakyushu Fukuoka 1959 - June
W4 Spokane Nishinomiya Hyogo 1961 - September
W5 Everett Iwakuni Yamaguchi 1962 - August
W6 Auburn Tamba
(Kasuga Town)
Hyogo 1968 - July
W7 Kent Tamba
(Kaibara Town)
Hyogo 1968 - November
W8 Renton Nishiwaki Hyogo 1969 - July
W9 Bellevue Yao Osaka 1969 - November
W10 Bremerton Kure Hiroshima 1970 - August
W11 Wenatchee Kuroishi Aomori 1971 - October
W12 Yakima Itayanagi Town Aomori 1972 - February
W13 Walla Walla Tamba Sasayama
(Sasayama Town)
Hyogo 1972 - August
W14 Tukwila Miyoshi
(Ikawa Town)
Tokushima 1979 - November
W15 Olympia Kato Hyogo 1981 - April
W16 Moses Lake Yonezawa Yamagata 1981 - May
W17 Camas Hamamatsu
(Hosoe Town)
Shizuoka 1981 - September
W18 Wenatchee Misawa Aomori 1981 - October
W19 Edmonds Hekinan Aichi 1988 - April
W20 Pullman Kasai Hyogo 1989 - November
W21 Chehalis Hamamatsu
(Inasa Town)
Shizuoka 1990 - October
W22 Ferndale Minamiboso
(Miyoshi City)
Chiba 1991 - October
W23 Kititas County Sanda Hyogo 1992 - April
W24 Sequim Shiso
(Yamasaki Town)
Hyogo 1993 - June
W25 Federal Way Hachinohe Aomori 1993 - August
W26 Kelso Makinohara
(Sagara Town)
Shizuoka 1994 - December
W27 Port Angeles Mutsu Aomori 1995 - August
W28 Camas Taki Town Mie 1995 - October
W29 Vancouver Joyo Kyoto 1995 - October
W30 Anacortes Nikaho
(Kisakata Town)
Akita 1996 - September
W31 Chelan Kato
(Tōjō Town)
Hyogo 1996 - November
W32 Longview Wako Saitama 1999 - October
W33 East Wenatchee Misawa Aomori 2001 - August
W34 Lakewood Okinawa Okinawa 2002 - January
W35 Port Townsend Ichikawa Town Hyogo 2002 - October
W36 Covington Tatsuno Hyogo 2015 - October
W37 Grant County Toyoyama Town Aichi 2019 - December
W38 Grant County Komaki Aichi 2019 - December



Montana State

Map # State - U.S. Prefecture - Japan Signing Date
M Montana Kumamoto 1982 - July
Map # City - U.S.*
*unless otherwise noted
City* - Japan
*unless otherwise noted
Prefecture Signing Date
M1 Livingston Naganohara Town Gunma 1991 - October



Northern Idaho

At present there are no sister city relationships in Northern Idaho. (Source: The Council of Local Authorities for International Relations (CLAIR) as of November 30, 2019)



Alaska, Oregon and Southern Idaho