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Since 1954, the Government of Japan has been offering scholarships to foreign nationals from various countries around the world to study in Japan. The Japanese Government offers the following scholarships annually to U.S. citizens living in Washington, Montana, Idaho, Oregon, and Alaska through the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle.

Currently Accepting Applications
Japanese Studies Student Scholarship
To apply, please read our Application Instructions, then follow the link below to download the necessary documents.
2019 Application Forms (External Link: Study in Japan) (Deadline: Wednesday, February 20, 2019)

Upcoming Programs
Research Students, Undergraduate Students and Specialized Training College Students
2019 Application Forms (External Link: Study in Japan)  (For reference only: 2019 applications will be available in Spring 2019)

All applications will be subject to a document screening after the designated application deadline. Only those applicants who pass the document screening will be invited to the Consulate for examinations and an interview. To see examples of past examination questions and answers, please visit the Study in Japan website.

Questions? Please see our MEXT Scholarship Frequently Asked Questions, or contact the Educational Affairs Specialist at, or by phone at (206) 682-9107 x134.

Undergraduate Student Scholarship

Available to high school graduates and above

Four to seven year scholarship is available to high school graduates for attending a Japanese university as an undergraduate student. Includes a one-year Japanese language program at a Japanese language school prior to attending a Japanese university as an undergraduate student. Recipients will receive bachelor’s degree in Japan. Applicants must be between 17 to 21 years of age.

Research Student Scholarship

Available to university graduates

Covers a one-and-a-half year to two-year period of graduate research at Japanese universities. The study area must be in the same field as the applicant studied or is now studying, or a related one. Recipients may enter Master's or Ph.D. program after passing the entrance examination given by the university concerned. Includes a half-year of Japanese language training for those who need Japanese language training. Applicants need to be less than 35 years of age and must be university graduates.

Specialized Training College Students Scholarship

Available to high school graduates and above

This scholarship covers a three-year period of vocational study program in the following areas: civil engineering, architecture, electrical engineering, electronics, telecommunication, nutrition, infant education, secretarial studies, hotel management, tourism, fashion, dress making, design, photography and other fields of study. Includes a one-year Japanese language program at a Japanese language school prior to attending Professional Training College. Available to high school graduates who are between 17 to 21years of age.

Japanese Studies Student Scholarship

Available to undergraduate students who are currently majoring in Japan related studies

This program offers students a one-year intensive course of the Japanese language and introduction to Japanese studies. Available to undergraduate students who are currently majoring or minoring in Japan-related studies at a 4-year university. Applicants need to be 18 to 29 years of age.


(Note: Details may be subject to change)

  1. Monthly stipend
    (117,000 yen ~ for Japanese Studies, Specialized Training College and Undergraduate Scholarships)
    (143,000 yen ~ for Research Student Scholarship)
  2. Travel Expenses to and from Japan
  3. Exemption of school fees for entrance examination, matriculation, and tuition
    TO REQUEST APPLICATIONS and for more information, please contact: or call 206-682-9107 ext.134.

Consulate-General of Japan
601 Union Street, Suite 500 Seattle, WA 98101

Warning: questionable online announcements Regarding Japanese Government scholarships:
A number of Japanese Embassies located in Africa are reporting that unidentified organizations are giving misleading announcements of scholarships to trick prospective students, who wish to study in Japan. The announcements pretend to be offering students a chance to apply for a scholarship. These organizations even ask for a deposit of money to guarantee the handling of the application process.
The only way to apply for a Japanese government scholarship is through the Japanese embassy (or through selected consulates-general of Japan) in your home country, or through a participating Japanese university. Also, UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES will you be asked to pay a deposit to apply for Japanese government scholarships. Scholarship applications are always free of charge.
Please be aware of questionable announcements related to Japanese government scholarships and make sure to obtain information about Japanese government scholarships only from Japanese diplomatic establishments abroad such as embassies and consulates.

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