BUNKA NO HI Japanese Culture Day

Bunka no Hi (Japanese Culture Day) was held at the Japanese Cultural & Community Center of Washington (JCCCW) on November 3, 2019.
The JCCCW holds Bunka no Hi every year. At this event, there were exhibits of Japanese symbols of good luck as well as “Now & Then” photographs of the Minidoka Internment Camp site. There were also tea ceremony, taiko, and martial arts demonstrations.  This year, Olympic medalist and Judo World Champion Ms. Misato Nakamura was a special guest.  She gave judo demonstrations and signed autographs.  Visitors were able to enjoy Japanese calligraphy lessons, origami, and craft projects like making paper lucky cats. In addition, people could purchase delicious handmade baked goods and curry rice to enjoy. Visitors enjoyed themselves and hopefully learned more about Japan.
This year, the Consulate presented brochures about tourism in Japan, the JET Program, and scholarship opportunities offered by the Japanese government. The Consulate also showed videos and had a special display about the upcoming Tokyo Olympics and Paralympics and had word puzzles for visitors to try. Consulate staff also held ongoing furoshiki (Japanese wrapping cloth) workshops, introducing environmentally friendly ways to wrap gifts and carry items.
About 670 people, including adults and children, came to Bunka no Hi and were able to learn more about Japanese culture.
Bunka no Hi/Culture Day is a public holiday that marks the creation of the Constitution of Japan and its purpose is to promote freedom, peace and culture.
Kendo demostration by Seattle Kendo Kai, furoshiki workshop by the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle
Judo performance featuring World Champion and Olympic Bronze medalist Misato Nakamura, taiko performance by the School of Taiko
The exhibit of “Now & Then” photographs of Minedoka Internment Camp site. Homemade breads, Japanese sweets, cookies, etc. were for sale