Education Symposium

On January 30, 2020, the Education Symposium focusing on “Leadership” was held at the Consul General’s Residence.

In his opening speech, Consul General Yamada expressed his sincere gratitude to all participating educators for their daily efforts. He shared some insight on the concept of “leadership” in Japan and the challenges that still remain with female advancement in the current social environment. He ended the speech wishing that the symposium be a meaningful and productive experience for all participants.

Ms. Kei Eriksen, iLEAP

Mr. Hideki Hara, Japan Foundation, Los Angeles
 The first session consisted of a presentation by Ms. Kei Eriksen, managing director at iLEAP, a non-profit organization that organizes programs such as workshops and internships for students and adults interested in social enterprise and social innovation. Titled, “Leadership for Everyone,” the keynote presentation explained the difference between the concept of a “leader” and “leadership” and continued to introduce the various types of leadership that currently exist.  The presentation concluded with the message that all individuals have underlying leadership skills. 

The second session titled, “Can Leadership be Taught in the Classroom?” welcomed Mr. Hideki Hara, Director of Japan Foundation, Los Angeles as the moderator and three panelists, Ms. Namiko Bagirimvano, Manager for international Short-Term Programs & Housing at Tacoma Community College; Mr. Dale Watanabe, Director of International Student Center at Seattle University; and Mr. Robert Uy, Principal at RSU Consulting. The panelists had an active discussion on a range of topics including their own experiences and differences between the U.S. and Japan.

Group Photo with the speakers
The symposium ended with a presentation by Mr. Kenji Imasaki, director and president at Seattle IT Japanese Professionals, on the activity he is currently engaged in: teaching computer science to Japanese students in the English language.