Consulate General of Japan Art Campaign


The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle will carry out the following public art project to support art and expression during these turbulent times. Even if you are not a professional artist, please join us with your art submission to express hope and inclusion.
Once a week on our Facebook page, we will post artwork submitted from people living in our jurisdiction. To promote the project, please use the hashtag #cgjartseattle on your Facebook posts. We encourage you to post your own submissions with the hashtag as well as share the selected photos after we post them on our page as our cover photo. We welcome various art submissions like drawings, paintings, photos, videos, etc. so let your creativity flow!

Wanted Works

Qualification Requirements:
・ Persons currently residing within the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle (*)
・It has to be an original work
Please note: This is open to everyone including individuals, families and organizations.
(*) Areas within the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle: Washington State, Northern Idaho (Idaho county & 9 northernmost counties), and Montana.
How many works can be submitted: 
Only one application per person or group.

“US-Japan relations through the theme(s) of friendship, and/or hope.”
All forms of artistic expressions are accepted (illustrations, pictures, photos, sculptures, music videos, dances, writing, culinary, etc.) (*).
(*)In the case of videos, please submit a screen caption of the video and a link to the video on a platform like YouTube.
          <Submission with Image>
  • For visual works such as paintings, illustrations, ikebana, crafts or sculptures, please take a photo of the creation.
  • Format the image as JPG, GIF, or PNG and maintain a high enough resolution for the public to see the details of the work.
  • Upload your image to a public storage such as Google Drive (shared link), Dropbox, etc. and email the link to our email address ( We cannot accept attachments directly.
    <Submission with Video>
  • For performance works such as plays, dances, or music, please film the work, and then upload the video to a public platform such as YouTube.
  • Take a screen caption of the video and upload it to a public storage such as google drive (shared link), dropbox, etc.
  • Format the image as JPEG, GIF or PNG and maintain a high enough resolution for the public to see the details of the work.
  • Email the screen caption link and video link to our email address ( We cannot accept attachments directly.
    <For All Applications>
  •  Please provide the title, description, and which themes are expressed in the piece.
  •  Provide a brief introduction of the creator (including email address) (*). If available, you can also provide us with a link to the creator’s webpage.
  • Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation from the consulate within two business days. If you do not receive a receipt confirmation, email us at
    No phone inquiries regarding this project please.
    (*) Email address will not be shared with the public, and if there is any other information you wish not to be shared, please let us know.
Submission Period*EXTENDED: 
We are accepting applications between June 30-August 14th (5pm)

Art Display and Public Voting

  • All works will be posted on our website in the order that we receive them.
  • Art pieces will be shared once a week in between July and August on Fridays starting July 24. Works will be selected through a lottery to be posted as the cover photo on our Facebook page with credit to the artist, title and description of the piece.
       Please note: The Facebook cover photo dimensions are: 820 pixels wide by 312 pixels tall. We will crop the piece accordingly to fit our Facebook page and will display the originally submitted image on our website.
  • In August we will ask the public to vote for their favorite piece, and the top 5 winners will receive a CGJ-Seattle challenge coin. We will share more details on our facebook page and website when they become available.

Additional Notice

  • We will not accept:
  1. Works that violate public order and morals, even if they meet the submission requirements above, specifically, works that depict sexual acts; contain violent depictions or strong political or religious tones, etc.; or
  2. Works that can be interpreted for commercial purposes such as advertising of companies or products. Evaluation of the aforementioned disqualifiers is up to the sole discretion of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle.
  • If a claim for damages or copyright violation is made, it must be resolved by the creator and the responsibility is that of the creator’s— the consulate will not be involved.
  • The contents of this project may be changed or terminated without notice.

 Please note: The Consulate will not be responsible for any reactions by the public.
 For any questions, please email us at No phone inquiries to our office regarding this project will be accepted.