2nd U.S.-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration 2021

On January 17, JIA Foundation organized its 2nd U.S.-Japan Friendship Coming of Age Celebration. This year, due to COVID-19, the event was held online with approximately 80 seijin (those turning or who have turned 20 between April of last year and this year) attending, including participants from Japan, such as Japanese exchange students who were unable to come to the U.S., as well as seijin whose seijinshiki was cancelled in Japan. The ceremony was live-streamed for their family and friends to attend online.   

Before the ceremony, the seijin gathered online to socialize with each other and the emcee. The ceremony began with a view of all the seijin and was followed by an introduction video noting the significance of seijinshiki. Ms. Manami Honda, Chair of SEIJIN-shiki USA 2021, and Ms. Megumi Ijiri Haskin, President of the JIA Foundation, congratulated the seijin of 2021. The ceremony’s emcee a seijin from last year’s seijinshiki.

Ms. Manami Honda
Chair SEIJIN-shiki USA 2021

Ms. Megumi Ijiri Haskin
President, JIA Foundation
Consul General Inagaki joined the ceremony through a pre-recorded video, congratulating and sending an encouraging message for the seijin. He was followed by Lori Matsukawa, former King 5 News Anchor; Ms. Naoko Yamazaki, Astronaut; Dr. Takashi Saito, Infections Disease Specialist; Ms. Kanako Kitao Spendlove, Synchronized Swimming Olympic Medalist; Mr. Shinji Maeda, Founder/President at Zipangu Project; Ms. Ai Morita, Civil Affairs Officer at the United Nations; and Mr. Nick and Mr. Zach Gallagher, professional Kendama Players, who all congratulated and sent special messages for the seijin.

Consul General INAGAKI Hisao
Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle

Ms. Lori Matsukawa
Former King 5 News Anchor

Ms. Naoko Yamazaki

Dr. Takashi Saito
Infections and Disease Specialist

Ms. Kanako Kitao Spendlove
Synchronized Swimming Olympic Medalist

Mr. Shinji Maeda
Founder/President Aero Zypangu Project

Ms. Ai Morita
Civil Affairs Officer
United Nations

Mr. Nick & Mr. Zach Gallagher
Professional Kendama Players

Kimono Art congratulated the seijin and presented the kimono culture, followed by remarks from two seijin representatives. The ceremony ended with a musical performance by a student group and images of each participating seijin. After the ceremony, the seijin continued their celebration online.
Pamphlet with massages of support from communities and commemorative goods were gifted by mail to the seijin.  

Kimono Art Presentation

Music Video Presentation
Seijin 2021

Although virtually, we are glad to see and celebrate so many seijin. Congratulations!
Seijin USA 2021 celebration: http://seijinusa.org/2021-celebration/