Consulate-General of Japan New Year Pet Photo Contest with Yuki 2021!


The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle will carry out the following public New Year Pet Photo Campaign to celebrate the new year, 2021. Yuki, our unofficial mascot, is known to dress up on special occasions and we would like your pets to join her to celebrate and welcome the new year!
Once a week on our Instagram and Facebook page, we will post the pet photos we received that week from people living in our jurisdiction*. We welcome photos of all pets! 


Qualification Requirements:
・ Persons currently residing within the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle (*)
・Your pet is required to be in the picture (**)
Please note: This is open to everyone including individuals, families and organizations.
(*) Areas within the jurisdiction of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle: Washington State, Northern Idaho (Idaho county & 9 northernmost counties), and Montana.
(**)If you have a themed creation inspired by your pet, please make sure that you take a picture of your pet WITH your creation. 
How many photos can be submitted: 
Only one image per person or group. You can have as many pets as you'd like in the one image.

“Japanese New Year”
All forms of expressions are accepted (example: Dress up your dog in a kimono, make a mochi that looks like your hamster, a kakizome by your cat, etc.) (*).
(*)Please do not attempt anything that may harm your pet.


  • Please take a photo of your pet.
  • Format the image as JPG, GIF, or PNG and maintain a high enough resolution for the public to see the details of the work.
  • Upload your image to a public storage such as Google Drive (shared link), Dropbox, etc. and email the link to our email address ( We cannot accept attachments directly.
<In the email> 
  • Please provide the name of your pet, what kind/breed of pet (dog, cat, chicken, horse, etc), and a description of the photo.
  • Provide the name and email address of the pet owner for communication purposes (*). If available, you can also provide us with a link to the owner's Instagram account if you wish us to tag you.
  • Upon receipt, you will receive a confirmation from the consulate within two business days. If you do not receive a receipt confirmation, email us at
    No phone inquiries regarding this project please.
    (*) Owner's name and email address will not be shared with the public, and if there is any other information you wish not to be shared, please let us know.
Submission Period (Extended): 
We are accepting applications between November 26, 2020-January 10, 2021 (11:59pm)

Photo Display and Public Voting

  • All photos will be posted on our website in the order that we receive them.
  • Photos will be shared once a week in the month of December on Fridays starting December 3. Each week we will share the photos we received that week on our Instagram and Facebook page. We also plan to create an Instagram Story where a photo selected by lottery will be featured each week(*).
(*)If you wish to be tagged on Instagram, please provide us with your Instagram username.  
  • In the month of January we will ask the public to vote for their favorite piece, and the top 5 winners will receive a CGJ-Seattle challenge coin. We will share more details on our Facebook page and website when they become available.

Image: Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle Challenge Coin

Additional Notice

  • We will not accept:
  1. Images that violate public order and morals, even if they meet the submission requirements above, specifically, works that are sexually explicit; contain violent depictions or strong political or religious tones, etc.; 
  2. Images that can be interpreted for commercial purposes such as advertising of companies or products. Evaluation of the aforementioned disqualifiers is up to the sole discretion of the Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle.
  3. Images that harm your pet.
  • If a claim for damages or copyright violation is made, it must be resolved by the creator and the responsibility is that of the creator’s— the consulate will not be involved.
  • The contents of this project may be changed or terminated without notice.
  • The consulate may use the submitted material on our social media and website. 

 Please note: The consulate will not be responsible for any reactions by the public.
 For any questions, please email us at No phone inquiries to our office regarding this project will be accepted.