Consulate General of Japan New Year Pet Photo Contest Submissions


The Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle carried out the following public New Year Pet Photo Campaign to celebrate the new year, 2021. Yuki, our unofficial mascot, is known to dress up on special occasions, and we had your pets join her to celebrate and welcome the new year! 

On Wednesday, January 27 we closed public voting, and the top five submissions have been chosen as fan favorites. Winners have a ribbon next to their photos and will receive a Consulate-General of Japan in Seattle's Challenge Coin. 

We would like to thank all participants and their adorable pets for joining us in welcoming 2021. Yuki says that she enjoyed having all the pets join her.

We wish 2021 will be filled with lots of happiness!








Names: Kai, Koa
Pet Type: Mixed breed (dog), tuxedo cat
(Happy New Year!)

Name: Barry
Pet Type: Lab mix

  Name: Blossom
Pet Type: Toy poodle

  Name: Sky
Pet Type: Quaker Parakeet


  Name: Toast
Pet Type: Tabby cat
"Toast is a 6-month-old brown tabby cat (but everyone thinks he's a bengal). In the photo, Toast is wearing a holiday sweater and sitting in front of the Christmas tree, and he wanted us to tell everyone about his favorite osechi-ryori."

  Name: Sesame
Pet Type: Terrier Mix (approx. 7 years old)
(Our household cow)

Name: Munchie Pie
Pet Type: Rescue Cat
(Happy New Year)

Name: Lucky Goose
Pet Type: Labrador Retriever

Public Voting/コミュニティー投票

We asked the public to vote for their favorite piece, and the top 5 winners will receive a CGJ-Seattle challenge coin. Thank you for voting!