【Event Report】Bunka no Hi 2022 at the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington

Bunka no Hi – Culture Day Returns with Record Attendance!

On November 5, 2022, the Japanese Cultural and Community Center of Washington (the JCCCW) invited the community to celebrate Bunka no Hi, and the Consulate hosted a booth. After two long years of holding this event in a reduced capacity due to the pandemic, the JCCCW was finally able to welcome not only visitors but also community representatives and performers, as this event returned to a fully in-person celebration.

There was a steady flow of visitors all day, who were excited to enjoy martial arts and tea ceremony demonstrations, classical dancing and storytelling performances, as well as taiko workshops and hands-on activities. Many visitors were also able to sample Japanese pastries and delicious curry.

【Karate demonstration】

【Taiko workshop, where even the youngest visitors were able to learn how to hit the drum】

【Colorful and delicious Japanese pastries】

This year’s theme focused on washi or traditional Japanese handmade paper, which is recognized by UNESCO as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Washi is incredibly versatile and has a wide range of uses in Japanese culture. Samples of crafts were on display and available from washi vendors at the event.

【Vendors provided a wide variety of washi products, which were available for people to explore】

【A display showing samples of the wide variety of Japanese items made with washi

【The bookmark-making activity at the Consulate booth was very popular, as were the magazines and travel brochures】 
In line with this theme, the Consulate hosted a booth featuring videos about washi and a hands-on activity making bookmarks using different kinds of origami paper and washi tape, which was extremely busy with over 300 visitors and more than 125 people who made bookmarks. As the restrictions for tourists to visit Japan had been lifted shortly before Bunka no Hi, complimentary travel brochures and maps at the booth were also popular.