Emperor's Birthday Message from Consul General Inagaki


Hello, everyone.

I am Hisao Inagaki, Consul General of Japan in Seattle. I hope that everyone is staying safe and healthy during this very uncertain time.
Today I would like to thank you for joining us to celebrate the birthday of Emperor Naruhito, who is sixty-one years old this third year of the Reiwa era. His Majesty’s lifelong research is about water issues, which relates to a wide variety of topics such as natural disasters, building a disaster-resilient society, climate change, and conservation of biodiversity. His Majesty expects that science and technology will further progress on water issues and contribute to human prosperity.
Both Washington and Montana are known for their rich natural beauty and the pursuit of development while protecting their lands and resources. I believe Japanese people, Washingtonians, and Montanans share a common idea that we can save the environment and prosper at the same time. I hope that our ties and friendship will be further strengthened through cooperation on these endeavors.
Last year was all about Covid-19. Many in-person events were transformed to virtual ones, businesses were encouraged to work remotely, and restaurants and others in the service industry had to operate under strict safety regulations. While we have now adjusted ourselves to a new normal, both states have launched their vaccination plans and begun delivering it to people state-wide. This news gives us hope that we are heading in the right direction. Yet, there are also new coronavirus variants from the UK, South Africa, and Brazil, so we must remain vigilant in order to stay safe and healthy.
Next month marks the 10th anniversary of the catastrophic Great East Japan Earthquake. Japan will never forget how the United States helped us through Operation Tomodachi during that time. We also recently celebrated the 120th anniversary of our Consulate opening on December 22, 1900. I strongly hope that this year will bring us together to overcome difficulties, and that our long-standing relationships will become even stronger. Thank you.

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