Press Release: Japanese Restaurant Day Kick Off

Press Release

Seattle’s Japanese Restaurant Day Festival to Kick Off on January 11
Festival celebrates Washoku Japanese cuisine
Japanese Restaurant Day will begin in Seattle on January 11, 2021 and continue on the 11th of February and 11th of March. The celebration of Japanese food will take place in at least ten Seattle restaurants to promote Japanese food and all of its unique and delicious ingredients. The Festival will introduce food lovers to a distinct cuisine that ranges from sushi and sashimi to traditional hot dishes. Participating restaurants will offer special menus and complimentary miso soup on the 11th of each month.
“The 11th of each month will be Japanese Restaurant Days,” said our spokesperson Ryosuke Komori. “Look closely at the number 11. Doesn’t it look like the shape of chopsticks? We invite you try the area’s amazing and memorable Japanese restaurants. Japanese food culture has become increasingly popular, from cooking shows and the Netflix series Midnight Diner and Midnight Diner Tokyo. Positive word of mouth from Seattle residents inspires all to partake in the variety of Japanese cuisine choices.”
It is said that Japanese food is healthy and well balanced. A traditional Japanese meal features fish, lots of vegetables, noodles, tempura, and miso soup with healthy, fermented ingredients, often made with seaweed. Diners will see variations of tofu dishes and other nutrient-rich entrees, which always come with a small portion of rice. For 2021, the Japanese diet is the perfect choice because it is fun to eat and can lower obesity rates, increasing one’s quality of life. Japanese cuisine is also creatively served on plates and wooden planks—very pleasing to the eyes.
Sashimi and sushi are kings and queens of the Japanese food vocabulary. They are served with seaweed, which is full of healthy minerals. Ramen is trending and sought after. Matcha green tea is also a foodie ingredient and found in so many beverages and dishes. Yakitori, takoyaki and mochi are becoming more and more popular as well.
The program also includes a webinar featuring Seattle’s legendary Japanese chefs. The Festival includes a sweepstakes, which can be found on Twitter and Instagram. The sweepstakes invites diners to share photos taken at the participating restaurants, whether inside or picking up and eating takeout dishes. Winners will be announced on social media on each Japanese Restaurant Day.
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