2020 SEIJIN-shiki (US-JAPAN Friendship Coming of Age Celebration)

March 3, 2020
SEIJIN-shiki (US-JAPAN Friendship Coming of Age Celebration) was held at Bellevue College’s Carlson Theater on January 19, 2020.
Seijin-shiki is the Japanese coming-of-age celebration held annually in January. It is a ceremony to realize that at the turning point of 20 years old, after a childhood protected by parents and adults around us, one is to become independent and an active member of society.
Ms. Lori Matsukawa was the host of the ceremony in Bellevue. The event included a presentation of the furisode and hakama, Japanese formal attire, worn by the new adults at the ceremony and a performance by Green River College Dancing Studio. After the ceremony, participants enjoyed a reception that allowed them to connect with people of their own age and ate Japanese food.
JIA Foundation and student volunteers organized this event together with Bellevue College. Seijin-shiki had never been held before in the Bellevue and Seattle area. Thanks to this event, however, about 130 new “Seijin” and 150 general participants came to SEIJIN-shiki and were able to celebrate and learn about Japanese culture.

All participants celebrated new Seijin!

New Seijin wore Furisode and Hakama

JIA Foundation President Ms. Megumi Ijiri Huskin

Kimono Presentation by Kimono Arts

Dance Performance by Green River College Dancing Studio
Green River College Dancing Studio
City of Bellevue Ms. Joy Misako St. Germain

MC: Ms. Lori Matsukawa

Reception Appearance

Bellevue College Teachers

Student Management Committee